What experience do you have?

I have attended many births throughout my life. My referrals come primarily by “word of mouth,” or as I believe, by God causing our paths to cross. I began attending midwifery school in 2009, and I currently attend one or two births a month.

I began attending births at a very young age. I am the second oldest of 9 children, and I attended most of my siblings’ home and hospital births. I even delivered my youngest brother! From a very young age, I traveled with my mom and a midwife as a “babysitter for the siblings” at others’ home births. I have always been mesmerized at seeing new life enter the world. I am also endlessly amazed at the strength a woman’s body has, and the crazy design God made out of it all. It is the most beautiful experience in the world!

As I love to talk about birth, I began to be asked to attend births for friends and family. I soon realized that it could extend further than that, and I asked God to bring me people who needed support during the birth process, thus moving forward with this passion of mine. I am comfortable in all kinds of births: home births or hospital births, natural births or medicated.