Backup Doula

Backup Doula

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m Crystalyn’s backup doula. Like her, I was trained as a labor doula at Birthingway College of Midwifery (in fact, we met while taking the doula course there together). My interest in pregnancy and birth goes back to my teens, and my first experience attending births was during nursing school. Though I am a Registered Nurse (and can provide you with in-depth information about the medical aspects of care in the hospital setting) I do not attend births in my capacity as an RN.

My view of birth is that it is an incredibly empowering and life-altering experience, no matter how or where you choose to do it. I value providing families with the information they need to make informed decisions. I feel confident supporting mothers to choose whatever type of birth would feel most empowering to them.

As far as my personal experience giving birth goes, I have a one year old son who was born at home in water. I enjoyed giving birth so much that I hope to be able to do it again someday!

I am empathetic, supportive, and encouraging. Crystalyn and I have slightly different styles and demeanors, but we work incredibly well together (and also as a tag team for lengthy labors). I feel blessed to be invited to witness and support you in your birthing time.

I write about parenting, life, and food at Anktangle.
I sell handmade items for baby, family, and home at Anktangle Creations.